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Specialising in Anxieties, Phobias and Fears

Give yourself a gift of a happy and successful life

You are here because there is something you would like to change in your life. Whether it is anxiety that holds you back, fear that limits you or you are missing motivation and happiness in your life, we can help you. Imagine living your life free and in control. What would you achieve by overcoming obstacles that seem to be in your way? How would your life be? Finding someone who can help you achieve that is the first step towards complete transformation. I was there myself. Negative thoughts, fears, doubts. So when you talk to me about your anxiety, your fears, your thoughts, I know what you talk about. I can relate.

Achieve wanted transformation with Hypnotherapy in Ealing, West London and over Skype. Take the first step towards a better future.

Your personality and unique character is the core of my therapy. I will go on a journey with you where we work together to devise a personalised therapy plan targeting your problems. I use Cognitive Hypnotherapy, which draws not only from hypnotherapy but also from other disciplines including Gestalt, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and EMI (Eye Movement Integration) to name just a few. I use hypnosis as a main tool because it works effectively and delivers results in a short span of time. 

Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Brain Hacking, Cognitive, Hypnotherapy

Dita Pesek, DipCHyp, NLP PracCognitive Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy, NLP practitioner, coach

You Are Unique, So Should Be Your Therapy

” I was very fortunate to be working with Dita and to have found her! I have come a long way with her and she has been a wonderful therapist and has truly helped me with some very difficult periods in my life.” Teaching Assistant, Self Esteem & Social Phobia*

“ I never thought that flying would ever stop being an issue for me but now I can fly without even thinking about it. It made my life so much easier.” CEO, Flying Phobia*

Think about it, what would you like to achieve in your life?

Would you like to feel differently? Is there something you would like to let go of? Are you held back by phobias, anxieties, or low self-esteem? If there is anything you liked to change about yourself, we can always talk about it. 

I offer initial no obligations consultation over the phone before you come to see me.  For us to start working together and find about how can Hypnotherapy London help you just call me on 07910 262 255 or email me

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I am a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and Personal Coach. Registered with NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy), practising from Ealing West London,  and also providing hypnotherapy and coaching  services online via Skype.

*DISCLAIMER: Results will obviously vary from person to person