Is Hypnosis Real?

I am often asked ‘is hypnosis real? ‘Whilst I understand why people are curious it can be difficult to explain. Thanks to stage hypnotists we can view the trance like state of hypnotism as something powerful or dangerous but this is simply not the case.  Hypnosis is another version of everyday trance; something many of us already do without realising.

Trance in everyday life

Have you ever been driving and somewhat lost in your own thoughts? When you arrive you cannot remember how you got there; this is an example of everyday trance where our unconscious takes over.  This is known as Deep Trance Phenomena and happens naturally to every one of us. Typical types of DTP are age progression / regression. Age regression is when you find yourself thinking of events of the past. Age progression is where you project yourself into an imagined future playing out different scenarios. Many people describe it as ‘being miles away’. When you realise we have all naturally put ourselves into these states a number of times you begin to see hypnosis is not some mystical, magical power. All hypnosis does is help guide people into this everyday trance state. So is hypnosis real? Yes, but not in the form you may have previously associated with such as stage performances.
Animation Dark Lord Hypnosis

Our unconscious is keeping us alive

Hypnosis, when used correctly, is a powerful tool. Our brains hold all manner of information and its day to day primary function is keeping us alive. This means it is not always easy to get hold of the information stored in there. Through hypnosis we can take control of our brains and access the memories and emotions held within. The state of trance achieved is similar to meditation. However, with meditation we work to create a feeling of ‘nothingness’ whereas with hypnosis we work towards a goal.

REM and hypnosis

As for those of you who have seen someone onstage clucking like a chicken and are worried about loss of control through hypnotism do not worry. Not only are many of these acts staged; the ones that are not rely on manipulation of the most suggestible, extroverted audience members. Hypnosis used in therapy is all about the client gaining control not losing it. Many also believe being hypnotised is being sent to sleep. This is because the state of trance can appear similar to sleep. Most associated with dreaming is REM or rapid eye movement and when hypnotised we are induced into a REM state. REM allows us to learn from our experiences and help us learn to cope with our stresses. Being in this REM state even for just a short while can help alleviate stress which is one of the reasons many clients begin to feel more relaxed after just one session.

Hypnosis is real!

Although it may not be what you expected it to be I think it is clear that hypnosis is indeed real. So the more important question should not be ‘is hypnosis real’ but how can I use this powerful tool to my advantage?  Unlocking thoughts, feelings and memories can help us deal with anxiety and stress, addictions and suppressed traumatic events. It can cause positive, lasting changes creating an improved quality of life.


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