How Does Hypnosis Work?

When I say hypnosis please immediately cast from your mind swinging pocket watches, clicking fingers and being made to bark like a dog. Whilst this may be great fun on the stage it is what you hardly experience in hypnotherapist’s office. Hypnotherapy is a way of accessing your unconscious to help give you the ability to cope with the things in life that cause you problems.

But how does hypnosis work?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy works with the approach that a state of trance is a natural thing and something we all do regularly. When you find yourself daydreaming, staring into space or deep in thought about times past these are all examples of everyday trance. Another type of everyday trance is when you find ourselves acting in a way we cannot control perhaps when faced with a particular fear (spiders, heights). This is also a state of trance as it is our unconscious working instead of our ‘logical’ self. All unconscious behaviour happens for a reason and when acting in this way it can be our unconscious telling us that it has things firmly under control. Unfortunately, at some instants it causes more harm than help. Hypnosis can guide us into our unconscious, assist us to understand and change the processes that cause unwanted behaviour.
Colourful Painting of an Eye

Our minds are like a computer

Our brain constantly processes and stores information. Hypnosis works like a software update getting rid of any bugs, so to speak! Being in a state of trance can help open the mind and focus on thoughts and feelings, even memories, we may not have been aware of. The hypnotist can then guide you in how to be in control in situations where we had not been previously. Cognitive hypnotherapists will use tailored techniques to suit the individual as they know we are all unique and should not be put into specific boxes. Everyone is different and every situation has arisen through different means.

But what if I lose control

Some of you may hesitate about hypnosis as they worry they will have no control. In fact, the opposite is true as it allows you to become more aware of your mind and more able to take back control. Some people think they will be put into a trance and not be able to open their eyes. Whilst opening your eyes is not advisable, as you may lose the flow of concentration, you certainly can if you want to.

Retrain your mind with self-hypnosis

The fact everyday trance is a natural occurrence means self-hypnosis is possible. Teaching yourself techniques, often with the use of self-suggestion can help alleviate all types of issues. Even methods as simple as sitting in a quiet room, relaxing your body and focusing on your breathing for a few minutes can be enough relax and calm you down.

Harnessing the power of the everyday trance can help us to retrain our minds and give us the skills to take control in situations where we feel we have none. Hypnosis is simply a way of creating this state of trance and is a highly effective tool for dealing with the many problems we can face in modern life.

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