Never ending search for purpose of life

What is purpose of life? What is purpose of being alive? What is purpose of doing what I’m doing? I hear these questions a lot. People keep on searching for answers and any unknown represents a scary void.

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When you start asking existential questions it is a sign that you are ready for a journey. There is something missing in your current state of being. The problem is, it is very difficult to define what is actually missing. And we are again in an ‘unknown’ territory. I’ve seen too many clients who became incredibly anxious and developed many crippling fears just because they didn’t know what their purpose was. It can be scary to live your everyday life questioning all your choices, your aim, your direction. And very often people who experience this have no one to turn to unless they meet someone in similar state of mind, but then you have two people understanding each other but still not being closer to finding purpose of life.

What if there is no meaning?

The idea that their is no meaning or purpose of life can be scary, though when you think about it, it can also be very liberating. Because if there is no purpose it means we can make any purpose we want for ourselves. If life has no meaning, we can make up any meaning for it. It is then easier to quit job you hate, to move abroad, to go volunteer, to enjoy life. We can change our decisions and destinations because we just search for a meaning that suits us the most. Think about what you wanted to be when you were a kid. Are you pursuing that career? Most people do not follow their career choices from their childhood because the choices were very often silly. But when did they become silly? When did it become alright to change your mind about who you want to be? It is very easy to change our minds when we are kids. It is easy to explore and see the world as a place with hundreds of possibilities. But as we grow old fears creep in and make us inflexible and cautious. We start looking for reasons why we can’t do certain things and sometimes even blame others for our misfortune. That is definitely not a good state of being.

How to break free?

You need to step out of your comfort zone and start looking at life from different perspective. You can do it on your own or find someone to help you to see our options.  Just don’t fight your fears. Fighting the fear very often just feeds it because you focus your full attention on it. You need to leave the fear alone and replace it with positivity. If there is no purpose of life search for it. As who seeks shall find.

If you are suffering from anxiety or fear or are uncertain about your purpose, get in touch and we can discuss how I can help you.