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Cognitive Hypnotherapy London, Ealing


Seeing a Cognitive Hypnotherapist means that you work with a therapist who is able to combine the variety of therapeutic techniques. The core of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is exploration. Through learning and research, I can offer my clients personalised therapy experience that matches their unique character.

“I had confidence issues for years. When I saw Dita first I was very desperate. I needed to do something with my life. After first two sessions, I noticed changes happening, which continued as our therapy progressed. I’m a different person now. Happy and confident.” Data Scientist, Confidence & Self-Doubt*

We all have something that holds us back. It can be self-talk, negative thoughts, beliefs, phobias, behavior. Just imagine how your life could be if you lived to your full potential. We know about our issues, but somehow we are unable to resolve them on our own. That is when you approach people like me. I work with problems that your mind creates. Your brain is here to protect you and sometimes it is just too overprotective.  It creates limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns that affect your happiness. We can work towards changing these so that you can start living a happier and better life.

Short-Term Therapy

I am asked very often about the number of sessions needed to achieve a wanted change. It is a tricky question to answer. There are so many factors that influence your progress and everyone responds differently to therapy. It can take from 2 to 5 sessions depending on the root of your problem and the final change you want to achieve. We can discuss this with you prior the first session so that you understand what to expect. Simply call or send me an email to book a free initial no obligations consultation.

Long-Term Therapy

I always have a number of clients who see us on regular basis over a longer period of time. As I combine hypnotherapy with coaching, I can offer longer term plans that can help you transform your whole life. Self-development is about change and working with the achieved change. We all need someone to guide us at times. If I get to know you I can lead you further.  I can work on changing your habits, patterns, limiting beliefs, and teach you how to work with your mind.



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What to expect when you book a session with us

I am a non-judgmental therapist who will understand your needs. The only thing that I require from you is a commitment to your own progress as it is your personal life we are aiming to change.

Your welfare is my primary concern and will only take second place if not to do so would seriously jeopardise other members of the public.

I will ensure that your confidentiality will be maintained in all but the most exceptional circumstances and all information collected during the sessions will be protected at all times. Information will only be disclosed under a Court Order (civil, criminal or coroner’s Court) or where not to disclose would cause danger or serious harm to others.

*DISCLAIMER: Results will obviously vary from person to person