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Fear of public speaking or glossophobia is one of the most common fears. Actually, it holds the second place just after fear of death. Being scared of speaking in front of group of people can have very negative impact on one’s life as we are asked more than ever to express ourselves during board meetings, presentations and being a public speaker is a common way how to raise public profile.

What is Fear of Public Speaking

Shaking hands and legs, heart beating fast, dry mouth, feelings of panic; those are one of the main symptoms of fear of public speaking that many experience. Having a fear of public speaking can cause a lot of unpleasant moments in someone’s life. And it doesn’t need to limit itself only to speaking in front of a large group of people. Anxiety connected to fear of public speaking can be activated during a company presentation or job interview. Being suddenly put into the spotlight at work or by a group of friends can be enough to cause anxiety for some. As long as the feeling of ‘everyone is looking at me’ is there, any situation for someone suffering from fear of public speaking can become unpleasant. In those cases, the public speaking anxiety can be accompanied by social phobia, which can also make many social interactions painful.

Fear of Public Speaking, Hypnotherapy London, Hypnotherapy Ealing, Online Personal Coaching

“I am so excited to tell you that I went for my interview today and I think I did very well! I still can’t believe how calm I was. Thank you so much for helping me to achieve this!” Motion Graphic Designer*

There are far too many people that avoid promotions or job interviews just because they feel hopeless and stressed out when being put in the spotlight. I have had clients that put their careers on hold because moving forward would mean presenting in front of an audience. Some rejected promotions just to avoid having to speak at board meetings. Fear of public speaking is affecting lives of many more than one would think.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking, Hypnotherapy London, Hypnotherapy Ealing, Online Personal

The key to overcoming fear of public speaking is firstly to find out where in my client’s life this fear presents itself. Sometimes, it can be in more scenarios than the client initially realizes. Thereafter, the process of therapy can differ depending on the case, but I find that a combination of hypnosis and confidence building works the best. Teaching clients how confidence feels is very important, because it shows them what they are capable of and makes them understand how it feels to be confident while speaking in front of people. It is also much easier than one would think. I also use variety of techniques that I learned through acting to give my clients the tools that they can use when needed

“I held a couple of public speaking events since I saw you last. I am doing really well and I can say now that I am not only becoming a confident public speaker, I am enjoying it more and more!” Company Director, IT Sector *

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