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Hypnotherapy practice in Ealing, Hanger Lane

My Hypnotherapy Ealing West London practice is located just 3 minutes from Hanger Lane station, which makes it easy and convenient for many of my clients. I chose Ealing as a base because I love this borough. I have been living here for years and it is a very accessible location even for clients who live further away from West London, but prefer to see me in a quiet location. I also have a practice in Barbican in central London.


History of Ealing

Ealing can seem like a relatively new borough, but actually has more history than one might think. St. Mary’s church on St Mary’s Road dates back to 12th century, though there is unfortunately almost nothing left of the original building.

In 18th century Ealing also prided itself on having ‘finest private school in England’, Great Ealing School, where many excellent minds of the time studied. Also Ealing Broadway station itself is older than one could suspect. It was opened in 1879 and was originally called Haven Green. And there will be another great change happening to Ealing Broadway station and Ealing as a borough with a new Crossrail opening in 2018. This will enable us to be in the City within 20 minutes. This new line of transport is already changing Ealing rapidly with new developments happening all around the borough and new shops opening on the high street. These are exciting times for Ealing.

Hypnotherapy Ealing, Hypnotherapy London, Dita Peskova

One of the great prides of Ealing is its well-known Ealing Studios that produced many classical ‘Ealing Comedies’ including The Ladykillers and Passport to Pimlico. I was lucky enough to work in the Ealing Studios for a while, which was an interesting experience because you never know who you bump into in its halls and corridors.

Ealing is also connected to many famous individuals. For example, Freddie Mercury studied at Ealing Art College, Mitch Mitchell, drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, was born in the borough and Lady Byron, Lord Byron’s wife, founded Ealing Grove School.

When you look into the history of this green borough, you might find that it is place with a lot to mention.

Hypnotherapy Ealing West London

My Hypnotherapy Ealing  practice enables me to help people in borough I am part of. I see both clients for hypnotherapy and coaching in this location. To book a session or free 30-minute consultation, click here.

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