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You might have experienced it yourself. You know what you should be doing, but you struggle with motivation. Or you are on the right track and then life gets in the way. Or you might not even know what you want. I can help you with all these. I will encourage and motivate you. Even if we come across some challenges as long as you are willing to transform your life, you might surprise yourself what you are actually capable of. It is sometimes even small changes that have the great impact on our lives!

We research your life; uncover your abilities to make your goals and dreams come true. And maybe even find brand new possibilities!


Personal Coaching Online and Face to Face

There are many coaches out there. What makes me different is my knowledge from the field of Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I deal with many, sometimes very complicated, cases. I have an understanding how a human brain works and I can use this knowledge to your advantage. Hypnosis is not part of coaching, but I can include it if you are open to it. I am not restricted by any school. I use techniques that I find the best in given moment. You will get a unique approach that suits you. You are my sole focus during the time of our session.

A good thing about personal coaching is that it can be done over a long distance. Some coaches do sessions over the phone. I do need to see you so I prefer Skype sessions. We are transforming your life here. It is good to at least see each other!

Personal Coaching Online, Cognitive Hypnotherapy London


Whether you see me in my London office or have personal coaching sessions with me over Skype everything you tell me will stay confidential.

If you liked to discuss this further you can always book free 30-min consultation with me where we discuss if I am right coach for you and can guide you towards your progress. You can call me or email me. I am also open to traveling abroad.

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