Phobias and Fears

Overcoming Fears, Phobias and Panic Attacks

Phobia is an overwhelming and unrealistic fear of an event, object or situation. It provokes avoidance, anxiety, and can cause interference with the ability to go about everyday life. We need fears to keep us away from dangerous situations, but the problem arises when we are scared of something that doesn’t present a danger to either our life or wellbeing.

Phobias and fears are long lasting and are very difficult to control consciously. They are irrational and in some instances, they can be evoked even by thinking about the dreaded object or event or by seeing a picture of a hated thing. Imagine being scared of spiders. Going to see a movie that happens to have an unexpected scene containing huge spiders can cause you to run uncontrollably from the cinema.

The pitfall of phobias that many people come across is that knowing how irrational their fears are does not help to lessen the anxiety and very often, the more they try to handle the phobia on their own, the stronger it becomes. Phobias like attention, it can make them stronger. It is a paradox, as the best way to eliminate phobias is to simply about them.

“I suffered from fear of flying for so many years. I dreaded even thinking about being on a flight but couldn’t avoid it at times. After three sessions I took a flight to see my parents. I am still amazed how well this worked!” Social Worker, Flying Phobia*

Fears and Phobias hypnotherapy, therapy for phobias

There are many kinds of phobias and there is probably nothing on this planet that someone is not scared of. You might know the common phobias of flying, heights, and spiders. However, I also came across more unusual phobias such as the fear of toothbrushes, chandeliers, ketchup and buttons. Very often, people who suffer from these unusual kinds of phobias feel silly and do not talk about them with their peers. Rather, they avoid at all cost the stimulus that triggers the anxiety symptoms. They are not aware that there are far more people around them that suffer from the same kind of phobia, but just like them, they are not revealing it.

The most common phobias in UK

  • Fear of Crowds
  • Fear of Flying
  • Fear of Mice
  • Fear of Confined Spaces
  • Fear of Death
  • Fear of Needles

Phobias and fears are in most cases created during childhood or originate from one specific event. The rest of the events are just affirmations of the fear. Knowing our fear can help us to find a way to understand it. Imagine your biggest fear and ask yourself these questions. Have I always had this fear? Was it always the same or did it grow stronger over the years? Does someone from my family have the same fear? You might know more about your fears than you think.

“I saw Dita with a very unusual phobia that I managed to hide from most of my friends and family. It was very limiting and I felt like there was something wrong with me. Now the phobia is almost gone and my quality of life has improved greatly. It’s been a transformation for me”  Lawyer, Unspecified Phobia*

Thankfully, hypnotherapy is very good at breaking a pattern of a phobia and is a relatively fast solution as long as the phobia is not attached to the core identity of a person.

There is nothing better than having the control given back to you. The good thing about this process is that also other aspects of your life start changing when you are free of your fears.

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