Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Smokers

Do you want to stop smoking, but don’t know how? Have you tried to quit before, just to return to the old habit weeks after? Would you like to live healthier life? We can help you to achieve that through our stop smoking hypnotherapy program.

The Dangers of Smoking

Currently there is 9.4 million smokers in UK. Many smokers think that they are immune to harmful effects of smoking. Though statistics speak for themselves. In 2010 tobacco smoking caused around 101,000 deaths, which is 18% of total deaths from all causes.

Even though you feel relatively healthy, smoking is already influencing your health in a negative way. It makes you more vulnerable to illness and other infection. Tobacco tar is highly toxic. It condenses on surface of your lung tissue preventing your lungs from cleaning themselves which can impair your breathing. Even though many people smoke to calm themselves down or to deal with stress, paradoxically smoking makes you more susceptible to stress, anxiety and depression.

Hypnotherapy for smoking

Smokers also face social issues. They underestimate the strength of the smell caused by tar which can be unappealing to many non-smokers. Smoking also causes wrinkling of the skin, predominantly around eyes and mouth. Smoking used to be glamorised in films. Stars like Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, and Clark Gable were paid big money to promote particular cigarette brand and smoking on a silver screen was viewed as sophisticated. But as negative effects of tobacco came into light over past years, smoking is becoming increasing unattractive.

Smoking is not only damaging to your health but is also costly. In 2016 recommended retail price for a regular pack of twenty cigarettes was £9.40. Let’s say you smoke 10 cigarettes a day. In one year you end up spending astonishing £1,720 just on cigarettes. That is almost two thousand pounds going up in smoke. So you are actually paying a premium price for having your health damaged, being socially disadvantaged unless you are around other smokers, and aging quicker. Isn’t it finally time to stop?

How to Quit Smoking and Live a Healthy Life


Hypnotherapy for Smoking

Quitting smoking can be difficult as withdrawal symptoms can make you feel agitated and angry, though it takes just two weeks for your body to cleanse. And what are two weeks in comparison to the rest of your life?

If you wish to be smoke-free, there is a good news. It is all about choice. If you want to live a healthier life, but you are unsure how to go about it, just get it touch. We can discuss how we can help you on the way of becoming free of tobacco enslavement. Hypnotherapy can help relatively quickly, though you have to remember it is an addiction we are dealing with so determination to stop smoking is very important in this process. You can email us or call us on 07910 262255 to arrange a free consultation and take the necessary steps towards a healthier and smoke free life.

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