Therapy For Social Phobia

Finding Inner Confidence

In recent years inquiries for therapy to treat social phobia have increased dramatically. It is a common type of phobia and our society has slowly started to realize that it is a condition that can be improved. However, still a lot of people suffer for years before seeking professional help.

What is Social Phobia

Social phobia or social anxiety disorder is one of the most common anxiety disorders. It should not be mistaken with shyness as most people are shy at some point in their lives. Social phobia is characterized by persistent fear of being around people and being scrutinized by them. Everyday activities can become unpleasant tasks for someone suffering from this condition.  Among some of the dreaded everyday activities can be talking to authority figures, speaking on the phone, meeting strangers, eating or drinking with a company, going shopping or starting conversations.

There are different stages of this phobia. Some find it difficult to live socially and subsequently withdraw themselves, while others can function from day to day. Though they always manage to find different ways to avoid dreaded social tasks, even if it brings stagnation to their life and career.

“When I walked into a room I worried what everyone else thought about me. I constantly questioned myself. Through the therapy I regained positive thinking. I’m now much more confident with myself and looking forward to new life ahead.” TV Editor*

Social anxiety disorder can interfere with quality of life and usually makes social relationships very complicated. It is hard to make friends because many suffering from this disorder constantly keep on questioning what others think about them. They worry about making a fool out of themselves and have a panic of being criticised. They build up scenarios in their heads about all the things that could go wrong; consequently, talking themselves out of taking part in the activity or social interaction.

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“I used to worry about everything all the time. Meeting new people was a struggle and I had no friends. I am so excited to say that I finally feel happy and at ease. Life is good” Animator*

Thought patterns are the biggest triggers of social phobia or social anxiety disorder. They can be very damaging and very difficult to silence. Thoughts like “they must think I’m boring”, “they do not like me”, “what if I make fool out of myself” can make someone’s everyday life both very lonely and challenging. Negative thinking patterns are dominant and overshadow any positive attitudes.

Therapy for Social Phobia

Social phobias can be difficult to overcome without proper therapy. It is a sneaky condition that makes a person question themselves and very often comes with low self-esteem. One must first believe in himself or herself before facing the world.

Hypnotherapy London, Hypnotherapy Skype, Social Phobia

I find that therapy for social phobia needs time and I always combine hypnotherapy with other forms of therapy. I divide the therapy into two parts. The first part can take from three to six months. During this period, we are working with the client on giving them control over situations where they previously lacked it. When they achieve that and their quality of life improves, we move to the second part of therapy which is where we monitor the progress and focus on specific problems to transform their lives and actually start achieving their dreams. The second part is very individual and each client knows by that point whether they want to continue the progress. At this stage, they have the ability to interact and challenge their thought patterns.

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